The Renew salon offers

beauty clinic and beautiful skincare

The Renew salon offers

trendy haircuts, relaxing hair spa treatments

We know the secret to beautiful skin and hair!

Grooming is an essential need of every man

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Radiant skin, healthy hair and great looks for every woman

Renew salon and beauty clinic offers a variety of services for women that specializes in giving you the look you’ve dreamt of.

  • Hair Cut (Normal) – Hair trim and limited styling as per our stylists for shoulder length or shorter hair.
  • Hair Cut (Advanced) – Hair styles in various styling options and cuts for any length of hair.
  • Eye Brows – Sharp looks for your eyebrows that define your face and elevate your looks.
  • Head Massage Oil (Normal) – Head massage by our massage experts with oiling and deep conditioning.
  • Head Massage Oil (Steam) – steam oil head massage by our experts to relax you completely and strengthen your hair.
  • Waxing Full Legs – Full legs waxing for a clean look for any occasion or daily use.
  • Waxing Full Hands – Full hands waxing for a clean and even look throughout your body.
  • Waxing Half Legs – Half legs waxing for a quick and clean look according to your choice.
  • Make Up – Party makeup, bridal makeup, cocktail makeup or regular makeup is done at Renew beauty clinic to give you a flawless look.
  • Charges Depending Upon Makeup – Our experts are bound to charge you as per the makeup you choose for. Every makeup style has a different price point.
  • Tan Pack (Face) – Get rid of tanning on your face with the best face tan packs.
  • Tan Pack (Hands) – Sunburns on hands are a big no. Get rid of them instantly with our tan pack for hands.
  • Facial (Papaya Fruit) – Healthy, glowing, fairer blemish free skin with papaya fruit facial.
  • Facial Whitening – Facial whitening at Renew gives you a healthy glow and fairer skin without any hazards.
  • Facial Gold – The perfect bridal or party look with gold facial to give you the center of attention.
  • Clean Up – Blemish free, pimple free, spotless skin without acne and blackheads or whiteheads is possible with our cleanup.
  • Pedicure (Normal) – Regular pedicure consists of soaking feet in a warm tub of smelly salts and scrubbing with a pumice stone or foot file.
  • Pedicure (Advanced) – Our professionals massage the feet and hands when providing these treatments. The nails of both hand and nails are properly filed; shaped and apply the color you choose.
  • Head Wash – Hair wash with hot/ cold water and branded shampoo and conditioner along with drying.
  • Loreal Hair Color – Highlights, double Colors, shading, global hair color on any hair length with or without bleach.
  • Bleach (Oxy) – Oxy bleach for the face helps increase oxygen and gives you glowing skin.
  • Bleach (Olivia) – Protect your face from inflammation and nourish it with Olivia face bleach.